Sometimes you need to give recognition to those that help our most vulnerable. My family owns a cat that is an escape artist even though he's an indoor cat. He has managed to sneak outside four times since 2016 and on all four of those occasions we have heard him crying in the distance only to find him up a tall tree that he can't get down.

On the first occasion animal control from Rindge, NH was called along with the fire department, but due to the tree being over the lake they couldn't help us. We were desperate for help as the cat was now on day five day and getting physically weaker. Finally the town animal control officer was able to locate a tree service in Winchendon, MA that had a heart of compassion and agreed to rescue the cat.

Unfortunately this happened again last night, Trevor LaPerle, the owner of LaPerle's Tree Service drove out to my home within two hours. He knew the temps were dropping and the winds were going to pick up soon. He truly saved this cat from suffering. This young man should be recognized for his act of kindness and devoted compassion to help so quickly. He is a genuine hero and I believe most people would agree.

Fieldstone Animal Hospital in Rindge is our veterinarian. Dr. Sawyer really explained to me how cats can get up trees but are not always able to come back down. There is this misconception that if a cat goes up a tree eventually the cat will come down. Sadly many die and suffer in the process. How great it would be if all tree service companies followed the example of LaPerle's Tree Service.

Wendy Chesney
Rindge, NH

[Another great Winchendon businessperson goes above and beyond. This is what makes us Toy Town Proud! --Ed.]