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Support Local Winchendon Businesses on Small Business Saturday!

Small Business Saturday is celebrated the Saturday after Thanksgiving--a corollary to "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday." It's a day intended to focus attention on local small businesses. By shopping locally and patronizing local business, consumers save gas, support the local economy and tax base, and help keep their own property values healthy.

From 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. this Saturday, there will be a Small Business Vendor Fair on Central Street.

How many independent businesses does Winchendon have? A lot. We have stores, eateries, services, banks...and many of them support the community. On Small Business Saturday, make a point of shopping at or patronizing our local business persons. They create jobs, pay taxes and help make Winchendon a busy and vibrant place to live.

Here is a (partial) list of Winchendon businesses you can shop at, call, or simply appreciate on Small Business Saturday. If you are a Winchendon business person and you're not on this list, contact the Courier at The Courier is building a comprehensive database of local businesses.

250 Alger St. -- The Perennial Patch
810 Alger St. -- Thompson Berry Farm
1335 Alger St. -- Hi-Lo Oil, Inc.
105 Baldwinville Rd. -- Woodcraft Technologies, Inc.
27 Brooks Rd. -- Robillard HVAC
3 Central St. -- The Maliska Realty Group of Keller Williams
15 Central St. -- Pattie's Jewelry Inc.
29 Central St. -- Subway
51 Central St. -- Christo's Place
56 Central St. -- Friend's Garden
58 Central St. -- Tip Top Nails
62 Central St. -- Dugan's Salon and Spa
68 Central St. -- To Each His Own Designs
68 Central St. -- Fisher Auto Parts
77 Central St. -- Unique Dental of Winchendon
112 Central St. -- Athol Savings Bank
184 Central St. -- Robin's Retro Dolls
185 Central St. -- GFA Federal Credit Union
188 Central St. -- C&S Pizza
202 Central St. -- Rescued Treasures
206 Central St. -- 2nd Impressions
210 Central St. -- Elm Grove Realty
215 Central St. -- Sparks Real Estate
245 Central St. -- Belletete's
255 Central St. -- Gabby's Pizza
259 Central St. -- Toy Town Barber Shop
290 Central St. -- Not Just Produced
308 Central St. -- Homesteader's Hands Massage Therapy
310 Central St. -- Barbers Beyond Dawn
314 Central St. -- Hometown Café
343 Central St. -- Stone-Ladeau Funeral Home
518 Central St. -- LaPoint Law Office at the Lawft
37 Commercial Dr. -- National Dekhockey Center
45 Elmwood Rd. -- Shelly Heating
62 Elmwood Rd. -- Murdock Farm & Dairy Bar
158 Franklin St. -- United Industrial Roofing Co. Inc.
70 Front St. -- Morin Real Estate
98 Front St. -- The Dance Center
135 Front St. -- Gardner Area League of Artists (GALA)
59 Gardner Rd. -- Deedee's Treasures
67 Gardner Rd. -- Winchendon Mini-Storage
156 Gardner Rd. -- Sunset View Farm
63 Glenallen St. -- The Glen Caffe
196 Glenallen St. -- Beaman's Bait Shop
35 Goodrich St. -- Bruce's Burner Service
6 Grove St -- Winchendon Dry Cleaning Co.
25 Grove St. -- Brooks Automotive Service, Inc.
62 Hale St. -- David L. Sevigny Inc, Precast Concrete
300 High St. -- Oppure Oil

34 Highland St. -- Performance Press
76 Highland St. -- Sutton Homes, LLC
325 Lakeview Dr. -- By Light Unseen Media
234 Lincoln Ave. -- Ashburnham Siding and Roofing
234 Lincoln Ave. -- Winchendon Central Storage
280 Lincoln Ave. -- Cochran's Trucking
14 Main St. -- Waterville Plaza Soap & Suds
16 Main St. -- One Stop Plaza Convenience
69 Main St. -- Sib's Shoe Repair
231 Main St. -- Lickity Splitz
14 Maple St. -- Toy Town Tax Prep
402 Maple St. -- Comeau's Heating
463 Maple St. -- Harbour Restaurant & Sports Bar
20 Otter River Rd. -- Smith's Country Cheese
47 Pleasant St. -- Winchendon Family Dental
196 Pleasant St. -- Chick's Tavern
13 Railroad St. -- Winchendon Furniture Co. Inc.
18 Railroad St. -- Winchendon Wine & Spirits
28 Railroad St. -- Toy Town Pub
683 River St. -- Charlie's Redhouse Farm
1 School Square -- Fidelity Bank
178 School St. -- Reflections Country Collections
241 School St. -- Ruschioni's Cruisin' 12 Diner
379 School St. -- Tri-City Marine Sales, Inc.
380 School St. -- Horse and Buggy Feeds
613 School St. -- EZ Automative Services
50 Spring St. -- Williams Package Store
110 Spring St. -- Gourmet Donuts
302 Spring St. -- River's Edge Restaurant
435 Spring St. -- Zoe's Restaurant & Pizzeria
660 Spring St. -- The Carriage House
662 Spring St. -- Countryside Motel
664 Spring St. -- Mathieu Ford
672 Spring St. -- Wolf Talk Trading Post
673 Spring St. -- Powell Stone and Gravel
674 Spring St. -- MORE Strength and Fitness
678 Spring St. -- Little Anthony's and Little Lizzy's
714 Spring St. -- Ace Construction
800 Spring St. -- Brown's Auto Parts of New England
800 Spring St. -- New England Auto and Truck Recyclers
174 Spruce St. -- J D Custom Collision
1 Summer Dr. -- Clifford P. Beauvais Insurance
15 Summer Dr. -- Goodspeed Machine Co.
25 Summer Dr. -- Doody Burial Vaults
5 Summer St. -- Playaway Lanes
13 Walnut St. -- Eye & LASIK Center
47 Water St. -- Toy Town Car Wash
47 Water St. -- Citgo Lube & Repair
36 West Monomonac Rd. -- Toy Town Stained Glass
403A West St. -- Ruschioni Homestead

Everyone Mellow with Plans to Move Marijuana Retail Facility to Spring Street

682 Spring StreetThe property at 682 Spring Street

At its meeting on Monday, November 25, the Winchendon Board of Selectmen held a Community Outreach Meeting to give information and invite citizen comment on a proposed marijuana retail facility at 682 Spring Street.

This facility had originally been planned for a site on Rte 202 that had formerly been a store called Stuff 'n' Things, near the Lake Dennison recreation area. Neighbors objected to the proposal as they felt it was too close to a school bus stop and other things attractive to children. At Fall Special Town Meeting, voters approved zoning bylaw amendments to extend the marijuana retail overlay district on Rte 140 and remove the overlay district around Stuff 'n' Things.

The new proposed location is a building just to the east of Little Anthony's Seafood Emporium restaurant. It also had formerly been a retail store which went out of business some years ago.

Anthony Parrinello, Operations and Strategic Advisor for the 202 Trading Company, gave a presention on the proposed retail facility. Also partners in the 202 Trading Company are Stephen Chaisson, who will handle Operations and Security, and Marla and Walter LaGrassa, who own Little Anthony's Seafood Emporium as well as the property at 682 Spring Street.

Mr. Parrinello stated that the facility will sell marijuana flower, pre-rolled joints, hash, rosin and oils, edibles, accessories, and vaporizer cartridges (when and if the statewide ban on those is rescinded). The store will be open to adults over 21 only. All regulations and restrictions specified in the town zoning bylaws and the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will be rigorously followed.

Professional security consultants will be hired to create a state-of-the-art security system, including motion detectors, alarm systems, 24-hour video monitoring of the interior and exterior, electronic keyed access, an entry Mantrap so customers can be vetted before coming inside, and a hardened vault to store product with panic alarms.

Measures will be taken to ensure that product is not attractive or accessible to minors. Product packaging will avoid bright colors, cartoons or similar graphics, nothing will be sold in packaging to resemble existed branded products, and all products will carry several warning labels. Products will be in tamper-proof child-resistant packaging. The facility will have strict inventory tracking and control procedures and will engage actively with the Winchendon Police and other community stakeholders. The interior of the store will not be visible from outside. No consumption of products will be permitted in the facility or on the property outside.

Mr. Parrinello explained the benefits the town will receive from 202 Trading Company's business. The town will receive a 3% tax on all sales, plus an additional 3% Community Impact Fee. The company expects to hire around 12 employees and will give preference to Winchendon residents when hiring. 202 Trading Company has negotiated a Host Community Agreement with the Town of Winchendon, and plans to donate funds to local community non-profit groups, such as the Kiwanis backpack program at the schools.

After Mr. Parrinello completed his presentation, there was one question from a community member, who asked if abuttors had been notified. The reply was that all abuttors had been contacted and all of them indicated no concerns with the new facility in that area.

The Board of Selectman approved a motion to recommend to the Town Manager that the town enter into the Host Community Agreement with 202 Trading Company.

Toy Town FYIs

The Winchendon Transfer Station will be closed on Friday, November 29.

Tuesday, October 15: The annual draw-down of Lake Monomomac will begin and will continue until it reaches the new winter draw down level of 3 feet on or around December 1st. The drop in the water level during the winter months allows property owners to do maintenance to their waterfront, including docks, walls, and beaches. It also helps with the weed control.

Be aware that the lower level increases the danger of hitting submerged rocks, trees or other hidden obstacles. Extreme caution should be taken by boat owners if you are planning to get in some late fall boating or fishing.

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